European Doctoral
  Group in Economics


EDGE Jamboree 2019




EDGE Jamboree 2019
Thursday, September 19 and Friday, September 20
We begin Wednesday 18 September with a dinner at 7:00pm and finish Friday after lunch
University of Cambridge, Queens’ College
Local Coordinator: Weilong Zhang


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Lorenzo Rotunno

Alberto Prati

When did it happen? Reconstructing wage evolution in light of current wage satisfaction

Jordan Loper

Women’s Position in Ancestral Societies and Female HIV: The Long-Term Effect of Matrilineality in Sub-Saharan Africa


Weilong Zhang

Emile Marin

The Hegemon's Dilemma

Eoghan O'Neill

safeBART, BCF-BMA, and other Bayesian Regression Tree Algorithms


Orla Doyle

Diego Zambiasi

Drugs on the Web, Crime in the Streets: Dark Web marketplaces and their impact on street crime

Emanuele Albarosa

The distributional effect of employment protection


Magnus Tolum Buus

Network effects and dynamic pricing in export markets

Gabriel Zullig

Heterogeneous employment effects of firms' financial constraint and wageless recoveries


Luca Sala

Daniele d’Arienzo 

Overreacting Beliefs and Excess Volatility: the case of long-term Interest Rates

Javier Quintana González

Import Competition, Regional Divergence, and the Rise of the Skilled City

LMU Munich

Mattias Lang

Fabian Siuda

Childlessness and Inter-Temporal Fertility Choice in Germany

Cathrin Mohr

Carrots and Sticks: Targeting the Opposition in an Autocratic Regime