Application Procedure

In order to be admitted to EDGE, students must be admitted to the doctoral program of one of the participating institutions.

Each institution selects among its top students those to be to accepted for EDGE. The selection process is based on academic excellence. After a student has been selected to participate in EDGE and to go to a particular partner institution, the details of his or her exchange will be discussed with the host institution at least three months before the arrival of the exchange student.

Students who want to get a Marie Curie Fellowship in order to finance their stay abroad have to apply to the host institution directly. Please go to Partners and see the information provided by each department concerning the application procedure for financial assistance. Prospective exchange students should note that the financial assistance that can be offered by the departments is limited and will be awarded on a strictly competitive basis. Therefore, it is essential that students try to get financial assistance through other means (e.g. national institutions or foundations of their home countries). This has to be initiated well in advance because some application deadlines expire as early as one year before the exchange starts.