Program Description

EDGE (European Doctoral Group in Economics) is a network of top economics departments in Europe to facilitate research visits by PhD students and faculty in the network and to organize an annual meeting of PhD students to present and discuss their research. The meeting is especially targeted at Job Market Candidates to prepare for the Job Market and build proefessional networks.

In order to be admitted to the program, students must be admitted to the doctoral program of one of the participating institutions. Typically, they spend the first one or two years of their graduate studies at their home university before they apply for an exchange. They are admitted to the program by their home university on the basis of academic excellence. The exchange program is designed for two types of students:

  • Students in an early stage of their Ph.D. may visit a partner institution for one or two semesters in order to take classes and to participate in the regular PhD program. This is particularly interesting if the host institution focuses on sub-disciplines that are of particular relevance for the student's own research agenda.
  • Students at a more advanced stage of their Ph.D. who already have a well-defined research project may visit a partner institution for three months up to one year in order to collaborate with a faculty member who is an expert in the student's field of interest. These students are also strongly encouraged to participate in some of the graduate classes offered at their host university in order to complement their graduate education.
  • After they return, the students complete their dissertation and their doctoral studies according to the regulations of their home universities. In addition to the doctoral degree of their home university they are awarded the EDGE-Diploma, that certifies their successful participation in the exchange program.

    The participating institutions are committed to offer all doctoral classes in English and to ensure adequate supervision of the exchange students. At their host universities exchange students have the same status as the local doctoral students.